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Well Hello!

✧ . . tidal wave | f2u . . ✧

. . . ★ F2U - Pixel Wing - Black Version - Flipped by vvhiskersDraven | 33 | Digital Artist F2U - Pixel Wing - Black Version by vvhiskers ★ . . .
It's good to see you, friend! My name is Draven and I've been arting for a good portion of my life. In the last few years, I've gotten very serious about my digital art and have decided to share some of it with you. I'm always interested in making friends so if you give me a watch, you will receive one in return. I also really appreciate critiques on my work so I can improve so your creative criticism is always welcomed and desired.
Happiness is flying on your own wings - not the wings of another.
CODING BY Forkbombs

Kitchen Witch Stamp by fellSans Polyamorous Stamp by fellSans LGBTQA+ Stamp by fellSans
Bisexual Stamp by fellSans Witch and Proud by Dawn-X Pagan Stamp by RusticSage India's Flag by UsagiGami Demisexual Stamp by KalicodeShark

Procrastination Station

Skull Mini Pixel by Gasara Things I should probably do... Skull Mini Pixel by Gasara

Avidyā (ignorance)
Sanskāra (conditioning of mind unknowingly)
Vijñāna (consciousness)
Nāmarūpa (name and form - constituent elements of mental and physical existence)
Ṣaḍāyatana (six senses - eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind)
Sparśa (contact knowing others, the land, the physical)
Vedanā (sensation that there is something amiss)
Tṛṣṇā (thirst for something more than the obvious)
Upādāna (grasping reality)
Bhava (coming to be the true self)
Jāti (being born in a spiritual sense)
Jarāmaraṇa (old age and death of the physical form)

1. Finish work on profile
2. Join dAhub
3. Art some more

Other adventures...

Want more adventures?

Caw! Caw! The Raven flies elsewhere. Click on the links below to find more musings.

Art and Spirituality

Melting Candles Divider by LadyGlitch Paganism Melting Candles Divider by LadyGlitch
I've been a practicing Pagan for the better part of 18 years. I'm always looking to network and find other like-minded friends.If you want to share your path, drop me a note.
Red Rose Right : Bullets by AngelicHellraiser

First post...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 20, 2017, 1:43 PM
  • Listening to: The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
  • Reading: Various Things
  • Watching: The Magic School Bus
  • Playing: SWTOR
  • Eating: Nothing, super sick
  • Drinking: Green Tea

Hello! There's a lot of changes coming, fellow watchers. Proud to announce there are now a whooping 19 of you! Thank you each and every one of you for your support! I really appreciate it. I need more critiques so I can become better. Going to soon be joining dAhub soon to get some more traffic. In the meantime, doing some work on the gallery and the profile to make it a good experience for all. Stay tuned for a lot more art, poetry, literature, polls and hijinks.

I am also sad to report that myself and the five children are all sick with stomach flu. I've had a lousy couple of days of sleep. The hardest part is just trying to heal naturally with screaming, teething babies and puking children. It's not easy but then again, nothing really is that's worthwhile. I'm feeling a huge drive and push to learn more, test the limits of my abilities and to try and develop my channeling abilities. Looking for more likeminded Pagans for the task at hand. All of the dreams lately have been a lot to take in.

Favorite time period to study/read about 

13 deviants said Ancient Egypt
8 deviants said Other time period (comments)
4 deviants said American Civil War
4 deviants said I have no idea what history is
3 deviants said European Middle Ages
2 deviants said British Victorian
1 deviant said American Revolutionary
1 deviant said British Industrialism
1 deviant said French Revolutionary
1 deviant said Mediterranean Bronze Age


Pet Portraits
Please include a picture of your pet and as many details as possible. Will be done in my own style.
Psychic Portraits
Detailed, full-body and shaded portrait of your aura. It will be different for everyone. If you have a specific deity that you follow, I can incorporate them into the picture. Just list what guides, colours or whatever else is spiritually important to you and I will do my best to capture the essence.


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Thank you so much for the watch!!
I greatly appreciate it! :D
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I like to introduce myself.

I am a new point account.

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